Baby Catch Up (6-12 months)

During Caleb's first year, I was able to document everything - all of the milestones that I want him to read about when he is older.  We want the same for you!  Your Dad and I set out to do just that, but we have had setbacks along the way (which we will explain to you one day).  You may not care either way if you have everything written down or not (and that's fine:) - but I bet you do!, your Mom sure does!  So here goes.  I just hate that we are having to play catch up from 6 months to now, but that's the hand we've been dealt. 
6 months.
One thing is for sure, we may have had a long road medically here in the last 6 months, but there are tons of pictures, tons of memories, and we have been overjoyed while watching you grow and develop.  You are really showing your personality now.  You have a great sense of humor.  We all love making you laugh.  You are very ticklish right now and have been for a while.  You have the best belly laugh - ever!  You are the happiest baby.  Both of you have been very happy babies.  You are really laid back and easy going as long as your needs are met.  You have the largest set of lungs I think God has ever given a baby.  You are rarely unhappy, but when you are, anyone within a 10-mile radius better cover their ears!  :)  You love to play.  We play all sort of little games that you love.  At meal times, you'll lock eyes with me and blink twice and nod your head real big at the same time.  I'll do the same to you and you keep it going.  You love repetitious games like that.  Another one that you love is when I make the kissy sound, you lean your head toward me every time.  You know you're getting a kiss:).  Really cute to watch you learn how to play with people.  You are learning how to give high fives, wave and give knuckles. You've been sitting up steadily since you were 7-8 months old, and you started crawling at 10 months.  Your world changed big time!  You were able to move around and go wherever you wanted without having to do the backwards army crawl.  Now you have the "speed crawl" down pat.  You're fast!  10 months is when you started pulling up as well.  Ever since 10.5 months or so, you've been cruising around the furniture and cabinets and haven't stopped!  You still love your walker.  You love walking with us if holding both hands.  I can tell you are not putting all of your weight on us anymore which is great!  You'll be walking in no time!  You love going places.  Grocery store especially.  Love going on walks.  Love to swing outside!  You love being read to and sung to anytime of day, but especially before bed.  Some nights you love to be rocked, others you love getting right in bed.  Either way, you are so easy to put to bed.  You love your bed and you actually let out a big sigh a lot of times when putting you down.  Really sweet. 

All of your well visits have been phenomenal.  You are super healthy and growing just as you should be! 
6 months - 20 lbs. (90+%)
9 months - 23 lbs. 8 oz. (87%)
12 months - 25 lbs. (79%)

You've done very well with feedings.  From early on, you've been a great scheduled baby.  Around 7 months or so, you switched to a 4-hr. schedule.  8a/12p/4p/8p.  Around 10.5-11 months, you let go of your bedtime bottle.  Since then, you've been taking 3-8 oz. bottles everyday.  You are a great sleeper.  You sleep so well every night (8p-8a) and take two naps everyday.  It's been so nice having the same consistent schedule for several months now.  You typically nap from 10a-12p and 2-4p.  And you wake up so happy.  We find you sitting quietly in your bed all the time when we go in to get you.   
Trying new foods.
Eating is going well for you.  We started pureed food for you at 4 months, but you weren't quite ready.  Tried again at 5 months, and you loved it.  Since you are home more consistently now, we have made great strides in the table food department.  You are pretty much off of all baby food with a few exceptions.  You are doing very well with feeding yourself finger foods as well as trying new foods.  Spoon feeding is going well with other foods.  Freeze-dried bananas, puffs and crackers are your favorite snacks right now.  You have done very well adjusting to your sippy cup.  In fact, as of TODAY, you are finished with your bottles!  Way to go Joshy!  You are using your sippy full-time now for your milk and juice.  Very proud of you!  That's a big deal since we didn't get to start as early as I would have liked.  You have done so well.  My feelings about packing up the bottles?  Part of me would like to insert the "Hallelujah Chorus" and part of me wants to shed a tear.  You're growing up. 

You have been an early teether like your brother.  You cut your first tooth when you were around 5 months.  You are now 12 months and you have 10-12 teeth and are in the process of cutting 4 more!  The whole teething process hasn't bothered you much until now.  The past couple of days have been rough but it'll be over soon!  You're being a trooper. 
Taken just shy of 12 months.
Two snows and one power outage during your first year!  Score!!  And you sledded with Caleb and me down the driveway...well, halfway down the driveway!  You loved it! 
 Joshua, we love you so very much and cannot believe you're already ONE!  It has been a wonderful year with you. 

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