6-8 Months in Pictures

After a long blogging hiatus, I'm back!  Very long story, which most of you probably already know, but I've been going through chemo since August.  Chemo doesn't really leave much room for blogging.  I'll write more about our recent/current journey very soon, but for now I am posting pictures of our sweet Joshua.  I try to do monthly updates for baby's first year and it has naturally fallen to the wayside with everything going on.  But I just can't let it go...I don't want to let it go.  There is so much I want to journal so that I won't forget what this little guy is up to.  For now, lots of sweet, sweet pictures of this face I just can't get enough of.  He and Caleb have carried me through these past few months.  Jonathan and I have fallen in love with these little gifts from Heaven all over again.  God has blessed us beyond measure. 
So, here's a glimpse of Joshua through 6-8 months.  For some reason, Blogger's design options are not working too well so the photos are all over the place.  9 months photos coming soon. 

6 months...
Poppy and his boy.

Aun-tee is so funny.
Giving Grammy some sweet lovin'.

Shopping buddy.
Trying new foods.

Mollie and Joshua.  Sacked.
Always together.

7 months...

Clean baby!

Sitting up steadily now!

8 months...

Dynamic Duo.

Scooting around sometimes gets you in a jam.

Two ferocious dinos terrorizing the patch!


Our baby pumpkin
Loves eating puffs!

Wrapping up the day.
Our new sock monkey friend.

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